Patagonia, Chile


In the heart of Northern Patagonia in the Los Lagos region, Palena epitomizes an experience of nature with simplicity and comfort. Nestled on the banks of the Rio Palena, the serenity and abundance of untouched nature make it an ideal place to dive deep into the practice and investigation of yoga. Northern Patagonia is the greenest, wildest and narrowest part of Chile. Here one hears the whisper of simple days gone by, can witness life as it is in true connection with nature, and feels the beauty of life plugged-in. As yoga draws us closer and closer to our true nature, Patagonia compliments the journey by holding us close to the heartbeat of the earth.


Rincon Chico, Palena, Chile is a newly renovated gem on the banks of the Rio Palena, in the beautiful Los Lagos region of Northern Patagonia. Students will be housed in one of the three large cabins, each with two or three rooms with en-suite bathrooms and wood-burning fire-places. In some cabins, there is a small common area between the rooms. At Rincon Chico, we offer shared accommodation only. Rincon Chico is also an opportunity to ‘detox’ from modern life with no internet connection. It is a true immersion and undistracted experience.