Three Treasures Yoga offers residential teacher trainings, yoga retreats and yoga holidays. We incorporate principles of shiatsu, traditional Chinese medicine, nutrition and other holistic modalities into our courses, making us a unique entity in the growing world of yoga.


At Three Treasures Yoga, we strive to create courses based on the classical teachings of Hatha yoga, expanded upon to encourage deep and sensitive self-inquiry both through the yoga practice and exploring eastern medical practices.

With these elements, we will facilitate a tangible and relevant exploration whether you wish to deepen your practice, enhance your teaching skills or become a teacher yourself.


All courses include the teaching of basic Yoga principles, including postures (asana), meditation, breathing exercises (pranayama), chanting, and the basics of yoga philosophy and nutrition. Our courses have been developed in collaboration and draw upon the traditions and teachings of Hatha Yoga, Asthanga Yoga, Dynamic Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, martial arts, healing techniques, body work and Traditional Chinese Medicine. We uphold this rich and diverse tapestry of ideas to give each student a chance to discover and understand their own path.

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This ancient system of health and wellbeing teaches a philosophical perspective which helps to develop and expand our fullest potential in body, mind, and spirit. The basis of classical yoga is represented in Patanjali’s eight-fold path:

Yama – relationship with others
Niyama – relationship with ourselves
Asana – postures
Pranayama – breath control
Pratyahara – turning the mind inward
Dharana – concentration
Dhyana – meditation
Samadhi – ecstasy


In the heart of Tuscan Maremma, defined by its unique hilly landscape which extends down toward the Tyrrhenian Sea, Catebbio sits atop a hill and offers rustic tranquility. High above the valley of the Fiora River with its unrefined canyons and its copper gleaming Etruscan towns of Sovana, Pitigliano and Sorana and among the lush green olive groves lies the magnificent country estate and seminar house Catebbio.
With its beautiful secluded location at a height of 500 meters and its unique panoramic views, it is a treasure with the nobleness of old Tuscan manors.

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This training is both a deep investigation of the tradition of hatha yoga as well as an affirmation of life.  We believe in the practice, transmission and science of yoga to provide a real, tangible path toward achieving wellbeing, understanding, love and happiness in life.  We are motivated by giving back to society a piece of the wisdom and peace that yoga has gifted to each of us.

We are committed to transmitting a strong base in the traditional teachings of hatha yoga, and making those teachings relevant for the modern world and each unique student.  Our hope is that each of our students will find the path of yoga right for them at any given moment, beginning now and evolving throughout life.

We aspire to teach in a way that provides good, thorough experiential learning for our students.  In this way, we ensure that they are learning not only with their minds, but with the entire being.

Our hope is to ignite (or re-ignite) a curiosity and sense of inquiry in each student that will last a lifetime.

In trying to give a unique and invigorating experience of learning yoga, we integrate also the theories and philosophies of eastern healing arts only as a vehicle to understand the breadth of yoga better.

We look to find graceful ways of presenting and teaching these theories as a way to create depth in learning and personal discovery / healing for the students.